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The Individual Accountability Framework (IAF)

by | Feb 22, 2023

The Individual Accountability Framework (IAF) has been signed into law, and the Central Bank of Ireland has launched its consultation paper. The Irish MiFID Industry Association (IMIA) welcomes this important development and believes that the IAF will play a crucial role in enhancing accountability and improving conduct in the financial services industry.

The IAF is designed to strengthen individual accountability within regulated firms, making it easier to identify and hold individuals responsible for any misconduct that occurs. It is part of the broader regulatory framework that aims to restore trust and confidence in the financial services industry following the global financial crisis.

Under the IAF, senior individuals within regulated firms will be held accountable for their actions and decisions, and they will be required to take steps to promote and maintain a culture of compliance and ethical behavior within their firms. This includes ensuring that staff receive appropriate training, that adequate systems and controls are in place, and that any concerns about misconduct are promptly reported and addressed.

The Central Bank’s consultation paper sets out its proposed approach to implementing the IAF in Ireland. It includes details on the types of firms that will be subject to the framework, the senior positions that will be covered, and the responsibilities that will be assigned to those individuals.

At IMIA, we believe that the IAF will help to improve standards of conduct and behavior within the industry, and we welcome the Central Bank’s efforts to ensure that it is implemented effectively. We encourage our member firms to engage with the consultation process and provide feedback on the proposals.

In conclusion, the IAF is an important step forward for the financial services industry, and we believe that it will help to restore trust and confidence in the sector. We welcome the Central Bank’s consultation paper and encourage all stakeholders to engage with the process to ensure that the IAF is implemented in a way that is effective, proportionate, and fair.

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